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Team Building in CODE RED First Aid Meet 2019

On January 26, Troop 59 participated in CODE RED. CODE RED is a medically based competition where Scouts from different troops compete to see who is best at emergency first aid. This year’s team was led by Bradley Williams. The challenges that CODE RED was based around this year were Earthquakes, so we named our team the Shakers, and we had a flag that made noise when we shook it. There were 12 stations, 10 of them being scenarios, and 2 being lessons. Each scenario was themed in a different way and involved injuries that occured after an earthquake, whether it was a disco party or a downed power line. We also practiced CPR and learned about the Marin Search and Rescue team, which teenagers can be a part of. We didn’t win, but we had a ton of fun and learned a lot about first aid and how to work as a team.

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