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This is the registration process. The list of forms presented below are required by BSA and Troop 59. All the requested information is important to the Troop or BSA for various reasons—at least two very important ones—health and safety.



This is the form that will be turned into the Council and will register your son with BSA Nationally. The Troop retains a copy of this completed form. Troop 59 can supply you with a copy of this form or download the form, fill it out and bring us two signed copies.



Parts A & B of this form need to be completed and turned into the troop, to keep on file at The Shack in the event of an emergency. Part C needs to be completed by the family in coordination with the scout's personal physician and will be required for most outings. Parts A, B & C will be required for most outings, so each family should maintain the original documents and submit copies to the leaders in charge of outings the scout will be attending. This information is critical so that we are aware of any health/medical issues we may need to deal with and allows us to ensure the continued safety and good health of your son and the other scouts in the troop. Only Adults (i.e. Scoutmasters and Committee members) will be privy to your son's medical/heatlh information.



Completed by both parents, please.



  • Make checks payable to "BSA Troop 59"

  • $50 Initial charge to cover costs for a troop t-shirt, troop neckerchief and welcome events.

  • $150 annual dues paid in January, and will be prorated based on when you join the troop.


Review with your son the Youth Protection pamphlet in the front of the Scout handbook. Remove the pamphlet and keep for your information. After you review it, please sign and date the appropriate spot on Page 4 of the Scout Handbook. This helps your son advance to the first rank of "Scout" in the program. Please complete this in the first month of your involvement in the Troop.


Parent participation is critical to a successful troop. Hopefully, you are considering being an Assistant Scoutmaster, Committee Member, or simply help where you can. In any case, there is an additional form required when you are ready.


Please submit these forms as soon as possible as we would like to get your new Scout inducted into Troop 59 and input your information into the Troop Database. The database is strictly monitored and only used for Troop activities. New rosters will follow shortly thereafter. Thank you and get ready for a new adventure!

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