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In a word, scouting is FUN! Scouts go outside and get dirty. Troop 59 goes camping at least once a month.  We canoe, kayak, ski, snowboard, rock climb, backpack, explore caves, zip line, mountain bike ride, cook outdoor meals, sleep in tents and so much more. Scouts learn skills and confidence by doing things not by listening to lectures and they provide integral support to their community through service projects.


And, there’s summer camp, too!  Every year, Troop 59 goes to Camp Marin Sierra in the Tahoe area as well as other camps around the country and the world.  Scouts can learn how to scuba at Sea Base in Florida or do the rugged canoe or oceanography program on Catalina Island in Southern California or backpack a 50 miler at Philmont in New Mexico.  These are just a few of the incredible camping options available to us every year. 


The best part of scouting is becoming the master of your own destiny.  Parents don’t run the show.  Boys create and execute their own programs and in the process learn responsibility, accountability and reward.  Boys decide their events and activities and run their own outings, meetings and patrols.  Trained parent leaders offer guidance and support but stay in the background as the older boys lead the younger and mentor them into leadership roles.  None of this is happening behind a desk or in a classroom.  It’s happening on a lake or in a snow igloo or on top of a mountain where it’s adventurous, challenging and FUN!


Ready to go outside and get dirty?  


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