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In a word, scouting is FUN! Scouts go outside and get dirty. Troop 59 goes camping at least once a month.  We canoe, kayak, ski, snowboard, rock climb, backpack, explore caves, zip line, mountain bike ride, cook outdoor meals, sleep in tents and so much more. Scouts learn skills and confidence by doing things not by listening to lectures and they provide integral support to their community through service projects.   MORE >>



Scouting teaches leadership skills by challenging boys to plan their own meetings and outings. There are a wide range of leadership positions to suit a wide range of boys. From being a Patrol Leader who leads his patrol of 6-10 boys on monthly outings to being the Troop Librarian or Troop Quartermaster, each boy is encouraged to explore their roles in the Troop as leaders.  MORE >>


Advancement is one of the methods of Scouting. By rewarding boys when they learn new skills and achieve goals, they are encouraged to try more difficult activities as they gain confidence in their abilities. Scouts earn ranks from Tenderfoot to Eagle Scout. Scouts earn merit badges which cover fun and interesting subjects from hobbies and crafts to science, trades, business and future careers.  MORE >>

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