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Troop 59 wins 2018 Code Red

Congratulating the winner of the 2018 Code Red first aid competition - Troop 59!!!!!

Scouts representing Troop 59 practiced for many hours together to show their skills and scout spirit. They were presented with realistic first aid scenarios throughout the day and had to respond quickly and accurately to the victims. Thanks to these 5 scouts for doing such a great job:

  • Oliver Snow

  • Edward Philippo

  • Henry Pritchard

  • Kai Tuffo

  • Graham Wilson

This is a tough competition to win each year and Troop 59 always places high in the scoring, but this is the first time in several years that scouts won the First Place prize!

Way to go guys, and thanks for representing Troop 59 with such a high caliber of knowledge and first aid skills!

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